Envision Touch Server is an all-in-one Touch Server, which allows you to control your home or building using a capacitive high resolution touch screen with a low power consumption. The result is the comfort of a touch user interface and the powerful features of a ThinKnx server, all in one device.
From now on all our Envision Touch panels have sensors of temperature, humidity and ambience luminosity onboard.

Envision is available in 3 different versions:
- Envision 7" requires Gewiss box GW48005 for wall installation
- Envision 7" Retrofit can be mounted on old boxes such as Kaiser and Agro 9926.90
- Envision 10" requires BTicino Legrand box model 16206 for wall installation

All Envision models offer a bidirectional interaction between KNX protocol and other supporting devices, such as Philips Hue, BTicino MyHome, Zwave, as well the integration with security panels, Modbus and Lutron.