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 ====== Hot Topics ====== ====== Hot Topics ======
 +===== Thinknx Portal =====
 +Thinknx Portal is a web tool provided by Thinknx Cloud dedicated to system integrators as well as end-users. Its main goal is to monitor and control single installations as well multiple ones such as multi-branch retail stores or companies, clusters of villas or chain hotels. It allows all the installed servers to be virtually connected regardless of their physical location, and controlled from a centralized user interface.
 +<WRAP centeralign>​{{ :​portal_dashboard_demo2.png?​direct500 | Thinknx Portal}}</​WRAP>​
 +<WRAP center 60%> <WRAP centeralign>​ Figure 1: Thinknx Portal</​WRAP> ​ </​WRAP>​
 +<WRAP button centeralign>​ \\ [[portal| Learn More]] </​WRAP>​
 ===== KNXNet/IP Interface ===== ===== KNXNet/IP Interface =====
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 <WRAP centeralign>​{{ :​hot_topics_knxnet_ip.png?​direct500 |KNXNet/IP Interface}}</​WRAP>​ <WRAP centeralign>​{{ :​hot_topics_knxnet_ip.png?​direct500 |KNXNet/IP Interface}}</​WRAP>​
-<WRAP center 60%> <WRAP centeralign>​ Figure ​1: KNXNet/IP Interface</​WRAP> ​ </​WRAP>​+<WRAP center 60%> <WRAP centeralign>​ Figure ​2: KNXNet/IP Interface</​WRAP> ​ </​WRAP>​
 <WRAP button centeralign>​ \\ [[knxnet_ip| Learn More]] </​WRAP>​ <WRAP button centeralign>​ \\ [[knxnet_ip| Learn More]] </​WRAP>​
-===== Thinknx Quick Guide ===== 
-Whether you are new to Thinknx or already using the product, this guide is essential to a smooth implementation. Discover Thinknx products and dive deeper into the process of creating a project inside our Configurator. ​ 
-<WRAP centeralign>​{{ :​hot_topics_quickguide.png?​direct500 |Thinknx Quick Guide}}</​WRAP>​ 
-<WRAP center 60%> <WRAP centeralign>​ Figure 2: Thinknx Quick Guide</​WRAP> ​ </​WRAP>​ 
-<WRAP button centeralign>​ \\ [[quickguide| Learn More]] </​WRAP>​ 
 ===== Migration to Thinknx UP ===== ===== Migration to Thinknx UP =====