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 {{ :​logic_icons_range.png?​280 |}} {{ :​logic_icons_range.png?​280 |}}
-The Range Verifier node increases or decreases in a linear way the value of the **Output** connector ​until it reaches the value of the **Input** connectorThe linear increment consists of adding (or subtracting) to the **Output** a value represented by the **Step size** property every time interval specified by the **Time step** property.\\ +The Range Verifier node, given the analog ​value of the **Input** connector, checks if it is included between two threshold values, specified with the properties ​**Threshold Min.** and **Threshold Max.**, and sends 1 to the **Output** ​connector if the condition is verifiedotherwise 0.
-The value of the **Output** ​can't overcross ​the **Input** valueso the nodes reduces the step to adapt the +
-[{{ :diagram_ramp.png | Behaviour of Ramp }}]+{{ :diagram_range.png | Behaviour of Range Verifier ​}} 
 +<WRAP center 60%> <WRAP centeralign>​ Behaviour of Range Verifier </​WRAP> ​ </​WRAP>​