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   * Orientation (landscape - portrait)   * Orientation (landscape - portrait)
   * Theme (dark - White)   * Theme (dark - White)
 +It is important to note that phones, tablets, and Envisions have different screen sizes and resolutions,​ therefore the project will not be displayed exactly the same on all these devices. For example, if an aspect ratio of 4:3 has been used while creating the project, and if viewed on a 16:9 device, additional spaces shall be inserted to the left and right of the project to accustom for the bigger screen. ​
 +Therefore, it is better that the integrator chooses the most favorable aspect ratio depending on the devices used in each project. If multiple types are used, then the best option would be to select the Balanced option.
 <WRAP centeralign>​{{ :​thinknxup_aspectratio2.png?​direct600 |Aspect Ratio}}</​WRAP>​ <WRAP centeralign>​{{ :​thinknxup_aspectratio2.png?​direct600 |Aspect Ratio}}</​WRAP>​