Thinknx Cloud

An advanced Cloud service is available for free to all the ThinKnx users. It simplifies daily operations and connections, as well as the maintenance and commissioning of the projects. The services offered by ThinKnx Cloud are:

  • Remote control: automatic connection of the clients to the server without any port forwarding or router configuration.
  • Remote update: seamless distribution of projects from configurator to server and all the clients wherever they are.
  • Data storage: collection of interesting user data from the installations and storage into a safe DB.
  • Dynamic DNS: free dynamic DNS service.

Cloud Services

  • Remote control

    Using the ThinKnx Configurator, the integrator or installer can deploy the modified project to the Cloud. The server will automatically be alerted and will reboot once the new version is downloaded, and all the clients will get a notification that a newer version of the project is available to download on their devices.

  • Automatic clients connection

    In the absence of a fixed external IP address at the automated location, it is possible to use ThinKnx Cloud to allow remote access to the project for all clients. They will be able to monitor their entire house from anywhere using only the Internet at no additional cost. However, some services might not be available for this option, such as answering a SIP call remotely or viewing a local IP camera from outside the house.

  • Dinamic DNS

    This option is used in the absence of a fixed external IP address at the automated location. On the contrary, the public IP address is accessible but changes after each connection renewal or on router reboot. ThinKnx offers a free dynamic DNS service configurable from the server’s web page. With this service, a host name (such as is associated to the public IP address of the router and the server will always be reachable through this host name no matter what the public IP address is.

  • Data storage

    Every project will require to save some data for continuous monitoring, chart visualization, or monthly reporting. This data will be saved for each single server in a dedicated space on the Cloud. Every time a ThinKnx application is launched, the server will contact the Cloud to retrieve this data, and update them as they change. Only a small amount of values is saved locally on the server.

ThinKnx Portal

Being a Cloud service dedicated to system integrators as well as users, ThinKnx Portal is the perfect solution to monitor and control multiple installations such as multi-branch retail stores or companies, clusters of villas or chain hotels. It enables all the installed servers to be virtually connected regardless of their physical location, and controlled from a centralised ThinKnx user interface. Each user has access to a customizable web page that groups data into charts and reports from all the enabled installations, as well as data tables that can be filtered according to the desired time frame. Individual values can also be monitored and even modified should the need arise.

Portal Services

  • Server monitoring

    ThinKnx Portal is a very powerful tool for installers and system integrators. The servers list in particular allows them to check the state of each connected device, get all the information such as the activated licences, view logs and interact with KNX, and even upgrade or reboot the device in case of failure. The users can also locate all the online servers on the world map, giving them an overview on their installations.

  • Push notifications and reports

    Through the ThinKnx Portal you can program Report with data coming from all the servers connected.