Adding a License to a Thinknx Server

  • Step 1 Copy the license code received upon your purchase.

 License Code

Step 1: License code

  • Step 2 Log in to your server by inputting ip_address:5051 into your web browser.

 Server Webpage

Step 2: Server Webpage

  • Step 3 Enter your login credentials (default username: service, default password: password).

 Server Login

Step 3: Server Login

  • Step 4 Go to Server –> Licenses and Codes.

 Licenses and Codes

Step 4: Licenses and Codes

  • Step 5 Paste the copied license in the text field under “Licenses”.

 Paste License

Step 5: Pasting the Code

  • Step 6 Click on Add License button.

 Add License

Step 6: Adding the Code

  • Step 7 To make sure the license is activated, go to Server –> Status.

 Status page

Step 7: Status Page

  • Step 8 Check under “Enabled Licenses” if your newly added license is now activated.

 Enabled licenses

Step 8: Enabled Licenses