The Statistic Meter reads the numeric value of the Input connector and calculates:

  • Current day total on the Curr. Day output connector
  • Current week total on the Curr. Week output connector
  • Current month total on the Curr. Month output connector
  • Current year total on the Curr. Year output connector
  • Previous day total on the Prev. Day output connector
  • Previous week total on the Prev. Week output connector
  • Previous month total on the Prev. Month output connector
  • Previous year total on the Prev. Year output connector

The counted values are persistent, which it means that they don't get lost when the server reboots.
The Start Date output connector sends the last date and time the counter received a Reset signal. When the Reset input receives 1, the counter gets resetted, all the outputs go to 0 and Start Date is updated, the counting will start again only after Reset goes back to 0.
Whenever the Data Request input connector receives 1, the node refreshes the values of the outputs.

To make the Statistic Meter operational the first time it is loaded into the server, it needs to receive 1 on the Reset input connector or on the Gate connector (if enabled).