Thinknx FAQ

What is a Thinknx server and how does it work?

What is the range of products offered by Thinknx?

What is the difference between Pro Line and Trend Line?

What is the difference between Brickbox and Micro?

Is there a limitation on the number of clients connected or the number of KNX datapoints used?

How do I choose the most suitable server for my installation?

Do I need extra tools after purchasing my server to start my configuration?

What are the system requirements to install Thinknx UP Configurator?

How can I view the project once it’s done?

Where can I buy a Thinknx product?

Do I have to pay extra for additional clients?

What are the free services available once I make a purchase of a Thinknx product?

What is the shipping process?

What is your return policy?

What is the warranty period given for any Thinknx server?

Do licenses have a validity period?

I purchased a license and I received a code. How do I activate it?

How can I know the IP address of my server?

How do I access my server’s web page?

I don't have a DHCP service on my router, how can I open the server's web page?

I configured a fixed IP address on my server but forgot it. How can I reach my server again?

I forgot my password to login to the server’s webpage. How do I recover it?

I cannot update my server’s firmware to Thinknx UP from the webpage

I cannot find the Integration Kit on the menu list

How can I reach my server’s web page remotely?

Do I have to use an additional interface to communicate with the KNX bus?

Can I control Z-wave nodes from a KNX keypad?

Is Thinknx compatible with intercoms?

Can I view cameras on my Thinknx application?

Is it possible to integrate with my alarm system?

What are the different ways to communicate with an A/V device?

Can I control Sonos players from a KNX keypad?

Can I integrate with IFTTT?

Can I use SIRI to control my home automation?

Do you support sending push notifications?

What is the difference between the classic Thinknx Configurator and Thinknx UP Configurator?

Can I restrict specific users from viewing certain elements inside the project?

Is there a way to protect a switch on my page?

What languages does the Configurator support?

How can I change the order of the icons in Portrait View?

Do I have to configure multiple versions of the same project to fit the screen resolution of my client devices?

Other than the normal switch button, can I configure a short/long press button?

It it possible to create popup windows with Thinknx or edit the existing ones?

When I'm configuring a System object that uses the serial port, how do I know the correct value of the port number?

Can I configure one of the pages to be the default page when the application goes to sleep mode?

I lost my configuration file, is there any way to retrieve it from the server?

Can I modify a project and upload the modifications remotely to the server ?

My passwords are all showing as black dots. How do I get to see and verify them in the software?

What is the difference between Thinknx and Thinknx UP application?

What type of background should I use for my projects?

Can I view the project locally without Internet connectivity?

Can I open the project remotely and control my home?

Can I add multiple projects on the same device?

Can I upgrade my old automation screen to an Envision without changing the wall box?

What is the best power supply to be used with my Thinknx server?

My Envision_20 is not getting an IP address, is there a way to reset the network settings?

I am able to view my project in the Client device but the buttons are not sending any command to the KNX bus

Cloud connection cannot be established

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