Software Shortcuts

Thinknx UP Configurator version or above supports many shortcut keys that the integrator can use in order to navigate and execute commands in a much faster and easier way. Some of the shortcuts below are also supported in version

TABSelect next property in Property View or next node in Tree View.
TAB + SHIFTSelect previous property in Property View or previous node in Tree View.
SHIFT + FFocus the search bar.
SHIFT + GCreate a group using the selected objects / Ungroup objects in a selected group.
CTRL + GGroup/Ungroup selected objects.
CTRL + CCopy object. The command will automatically add a suffix to the object label.
CTRL + V / CTRL + INS Paste with suffix in label.
CTRL + WPaste without suffix in label.
CTRL + ZUndo action.
CTRL + YRedo action.
CTRL + SSave current project.
CTRL + FOpen Search KNX Group window.
CTRL + NOpen Wizard window.
CTRL + OOpen Project Manager window.
CTRL + SpaceOpen Add UI Object window.
CTRL + ASelect all objects in current page.
CTRL + DELRemove suffixes from labels.
CTRL + (+/-)Zoom in/out.
CTRL + (arrow)Move view.
CTRL + PToggle grid.
SHIFT + (arrow)Move 5 pixels.
(arrow)Move 1 pixel.
SHIFT + (cursor) / SHIFT + WindowsSelect multiple items in the working area.
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