Welcome to Thinknx Wiki, your guide to a smooth Thinknx experience.

Thinknx is a universal, multi-purpose supervisor for building automation that allows you to manage the functions of the different systems integrated into your smart home or building.
The functions related to home automation are handled by Thinknx through a simple, appealing and highly customizable multi-platform interface that allows to intimately and freely interact with the system using your tablet, iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone.

If you are new to Thinknx, we recommend you take a look at the System Architecture page to gain a wide understanding of the architecture.
Once finished, our quick guide will allow you to create your first project while making sure all the necessary steps have been taken into consideration for a proper integration.

New to Thinknx? Check out our Quick Guide to get you started!

We are constantly working on improving our Wiki. If you need more information regarding a subject that has not been covered yet, please send your requests to or and we will gladly add it.
For technical support, make sure to visit our support center at and create a ticket describing your problem in detail. A member of our support team will answer you within 1 business day.

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