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Thinknx products can now communicate with any device supporting the MQTT protocol. MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, and is designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport that is ideal for connecting IoT devices.

A Thinknx server can be configured to work as an MQTT client to connect to a broker/server and subscribe to one or multiple topics, or as an MQTT server itself to handle subscriptions and topics distribution.

 MQTT overview

Figure: MQTT Overview

Thinknx has now added a new system object inside the configurator, the OpenWeatherMap, allowing the server to connect to and read all the weather information available. This data can then be linked to a UI built by the integrator instead of a fixed widget, offering more freedom to create a design that goes with the entire project.

Open Weather Map

Figure 1: Open Weather Map

The new Compact is finally here! A completely re-designed server, unlike any product you've ever seen before. Available in two versions, Compact_20 and Compact_DIN, this server offers an extended set of I/O's and two serial ports, in addition to a small monitor allowing the integrator to easily control the inputs and outputs. The Compact_20/Compact_DIN is the perfect fit for all types of projects, and can be upgraded with all available licenses such as Z-Wave, Lutron, Modbus, Intercom, Security and more.

 Compact 20 / Compact DIN

Figure 2: Compact 20 / Compact DIN

 Compact Display

 Compact Display

 Compact Display

 Compact Display

 Compact Display

 Compact Display

Thinknx Portal is a web tool provided by Thinknx Cloud dedicated to system integrators as well as end-users. Its main goal is to monitor and control single installations as well multiple ones such as multi-branch retail stores or companies, clusters of villas or chain hotels. It allows all the installed servers to be virtually connected regardless of their physical location, and controlled from a centralized user interface.

 Thinknx Portal

Figure 3: Thinknx Portal

The wait is finally over! With firmware version or above, you can now transform any Thinknx server to a KNXNet/IP interface or router. The server will continue to function as a visualization tool, but it can also be used as KNX programming interface or as a KNX IP router connecting different parts of a KNX system together over IP. The Thinknx server can also communicate with other KNXNet/IP interfaces instead of using its own embedded connection to communicate with the bus.‚Äč

KNXNet/IP Interface

Figure 4: KNXNet/IP Interface

Thinknx UP is a completely redesigned version of the Classic Thinknx software. It includes additional features for the system integrator and the end user. This guide will help you carry out a complete and successful migration, as well as discover the latest upgrades.

Thinknx UP Migration

Figure 5: Thinknx UP Migration

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