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Whether you are new to Thinknx or already using the product, this guide is essential to a smooth implementation. Discover Thinknx products and dive deeper into the process of creating a project inside our Configurator.

Thinknx Quick Guide

Figure 1: Thinknx Quick Guide

Thinknx UP is a completely redesigned version of the Classic Thinknx software. It includes additional features for the system integrator and the end user. This guide will help you carry out a complete and successful migration, as well as discover the latest upgrades.

Thinknx UP Migration

Figure 2: Thinknx UP Migration

Thinknx is now supporting integration with IFTTT, a web service that allows the users to create automated tasks through conditional statements known as “Applets”. Applets can be triggered by changes occurring within other web services such as Gmail, Facebook and Outlook. This guide will help you better understand the IFTTT service and configure Thinknx to communicate with it.

Thinknx and IFTTT

Figure 3: Thinknx and IFTTT