Since many customers are still using our old platform that needs Flash Player to properly run, here we give a short guide to set back functionality of Thinknx Configurator Classic and Thinknx Player Classic.

Before reading the next instructions please consider to update Thinknx platform to the new UP version in order to have all the up to date features and the long term support.

Quick and Dirty Workaround

We noticed that the Flash Player still work if the computer date is set to any value prior to 2021 January 12 hence if you don't want to install the patch you can imagine to change the date every time you need to use your old configurator.

Before applying patch please take into account the following points:

  1. This workaround is not an official solution provided by Microsoft or Adobe but just a trick to restore old versions of Flash Player without the limitations
  2. The method works only for the platform in the name of the file
  3. There are no warranties that the method works and that the solutions will survive subsequent updates from Microsoft
  4. We strongly suggest to create a restore point before applying this patch

How to proceed:

  1. Close Thinknx Configurator and all the programs that use Flash Player (like Internet Explorer)
  2. Download the file corresponding to your platform (be careful to choice the right one)
  3. Unzip the packet inside a well defined folder
  4. Right click on the file “install_script.bat” contained in the extracted folder
  5. Select “Run as administrator” and wait that the script executes all the steps
  6. Hit a button to close the console windows
  7. Now you can restart Thinknx Configurator and it should work ad expected

What if it doesn't work?

In that case, we recommend uninstalling the Thinknx Configurator from the Windows PC and re-installing it. The configurator setup can be downloaded from our website on this link: http://www.thinknx.com/v4/en/downloads.html


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